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Yoni Massage Instructions

A yoni massage has the same therapeutic potential as a lingam massage, if not more so.

The degree of guilt, anxiety, detachment, trauma, and grief experienced in a yoni must be understood while massaging it, explains Constance. ‘ You have the power to either exacerbate or alleviate the situation. A yoni massage is one of the most therapeutic gifts a lover can bestow upon their partner. With such vast capacity, it also has the ability to inflict tremendous harm. Because of this, you must always treat the yoni with care and reverence. You follow your partner’s lead and go where they want you to go at their pace. As a result, you become an expert on this yoni, watch your spouse’s arousal levels vary, keep an eye on the rest of the body, and listen to the words of encouragement and direction coming from your partner.

In order to properly care for the exterior of the yoni, it’s important to have the yoni massage. The outer and inner lips, the fourchette, the perineum, the entry of the vagina, the clitoral bulb and clitoral roots should be massaged with a lot of oil.

Once you’ve spent a good 15 minutes stroking the vulva, it’s time to check if you’re welcomed within.’ It’s usually a good idea to get permission before doing something. No? Then spend more time on the vulva and stretch the strokes across the entire body, bringing the sensation of pleasure to every part of the body.

‘If your spouse requests that your fingers be used as a means of entry, do it slowly.’ Apply mild pressure to the walls of the vagina by moving one centimetre at a time and in circular motions, as if you were travelling around the positions on the clock. Instead of constantly thrusting your finger into and out of her vagina, you’re not doing it. When you’re massaging her cervix, you’re doing it carefully, conscious and with a lot of love.’

It’s Time To Wrap Up The Massage.

How Do You Know When To Quit A Tantric Massage If It Doesn’t End In Orgasm?

If you’ve been raised in the Western style of sex, ending a massage might be a challenge, Constance adds. You should only terminate the massage after an hour and a half and at least 30 minutes of enjoyment for the lingam or yoni regardless of whether the recipient climaxes or not,’ he advises.

The massage should not be utilised as a preparation to penetrative sex,’ says the author of this post. Because tantric massages are so powerful, it’s crucial not to be too rigorous about this. ‘However, it can decrease the force of the massage by turning it into simple foreplay.’

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