Perfect Massage For Boyfriend

What Is Lingam Massage And How Is It Performed?

How can you perform a lingam massage, after all this discussion about who, chakra, and tantra? If you follow these procedures, there will be no more mysteries to tantric massage for males!

Create A Sense Of Place

It is impossible to improvise a Lingam massage due to the length of time it takes and the devotion it requires. Set the tone for a peaceful evening for you and your loved one by reserving some time just for you. As far as you’re concerned, soft lighting and fragrant candles are inconsequential. I’m not faking it.

Put It In The Proper Place. Place a cushion under his head and another under his pelvis before laying on top of him. Your legs should be slightly apart and bent at a comfortable angle. To let the family jewels fly, she wore panciolle pants.

To Take A Deep Breath!

Breathing is the first step to establishing a good rapport with your partner. Your energy and love should be flying in your way, so take deep breaths and exhale gently. Ask him to inhale and exhale gently, and you’ll be able to sense his emotions more clearly.

Use A Massage Oil

If you’re interested in receiving a lingam massage, you should use an erotic massage oil and apply it to your hands and genitals. For him, everything will be much more enjoyable and he will be able to proceed more fluidly and linearly.

It Everything Begins At A Great Distance.

The main character is the penis, but you must gradually awaken it. Massage the inside of your thighs before going on to the groyne and pubic area. Observe their reactions and adapt your moves accordingly.

The Testicles Should Be Massaged.

Approach the testicles with your hands cupped and massage them in circular strokes. For some guys, pressure is good, but for others, it isn’t necessary.

It’s The Penis’ Turn.

His turn comes after all the protagonists. Go up and down with your hands, make circular movements on the rod, and focus on the base before moving to the glans. Alternate between these distinct motions and rhythms.

Stop and Take Your Time His orgasm could not have been foreseen as soon as the atmosphere and the breathtaking view of you below you came together. Be aware of how quickly you’re coming back, slowing down and returning to other aspects of your life when you see it. A method that might be quite effective on sheets is being learned by him with these first steps.

The P-Point: A Study

It is the P-point (prostate) that is the most holy part of the penis. Massage his perineum, or the region between the testicles and the anus, using your fingertips and knuckles. To access the prostate, a walnut-shaped gland, you must first get your partner’s permission before inserting anything into the anus. Gently massaging the skin in circular strokes is recommended.

Pause To Take A Breather And Relax Your Mind And Body.

The lingam massage might culminate with intercourse or a liberated orgasm on your hands if you and your partner agree. After the sensual massage, relax, focus on the feelings in your body, and discuss what you’ve just experienced.

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