Tantric Massage

The Tantric Massage: What It Is?

Even while a sexual massage may seem like an alluring feature of a tantric massage, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Because of its spiritual roots in tantra, tantric massage can help you and your partner develop a closer connection and a greater understanding of one another.

Is There Any Difference Between Tantric Massage And Other Types Of Massage?

As you can see, it’s much more than just an erotically-charged sex session.

According to Nadia Deen, the co-founder of The Intimology, Tantric Massage allows you to connect with your spouse in a more spiritual and aware way while also providing rest and tranquilly. “It’s not “one size fits all,” but rather, it’s about being present in the moment and embracing ourselves and each other without judgement,” he says. A tantric massage may be an exhilarating and rewarding experience for both the therapist and the recipient.’

To help the recipient fall into profound relaxation, Camilla Constance believes it is important to be calm, present, and non-judgemental.

It is a full-body massage that awakens sexual energy and intentionally pushes it around a person’s body, she adds. In this sense, the tantric approach to sex is not about the end result, but rather the sensations and pleasures along the road. Relaxation of the receiver allows sexual energy to circulate about the body, rather than being driven out of the body in a climax. This allows orgasms to expand into tremendous, full-bodied orgasms. Increased energy levels and heightened experiences are achieved when aware breathing is incorporated.

It is a full-body massage that elicits sexual energy in the recipient. Tantric massage

Tantric Massage Has Several Health Advantages.

Tantric massage provides a number of additional great advantages, including the ability to explore each other without the pressure or judgement of others.

Many more health advantages are shown by Deen, in addition to developing a greater relationship with your lover or partners. These include, according to her:

  • Increasing your sexual endurance is a worthwhile endeavour.
  • Improving your orgasm quality
  • Assisting in the alleviation of suffering
  • Relieving anxiety and tension
  • A better night’s rest
  • Steps toward repairing emotional barriers are taken in this manner
  • Facilitating enlightenment via meditation

Tantra’s Therapeutic Potential

Tantra massage and tantric sex have the unique capacity to aid in the healing and transcendence of previous trauma.

“Reproduction is not the focus of Tantra,” declares Constance. ‘ Tantra, on the other hand, proposes a whole new (to us) understanding of sex’s purpose. Sex without penetration is unimaginable to our highly conditioned imaginations because what is sex without penetration? Tantra would always say that the aim is to have fun. This is a huge development in the field of sexology! Sexually “broken” people no longer require lubes, medicines, or therapy to heal their problems. This includes women who have had vaginal trauma from childbirth or sexual assault, as well as men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Souls with bodies that are capable of a wide range of pleasurable sensations, they are a sight to behold.

Tantra Is The Study Of Alternative Methods Of Experiencing Sexual Gratification.

It is not necessary to penetrate the vagina with a penis in order to have amazing sexual pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms, as Tantra teaches us.’ When it comes to sexual pleasure, Tantra is an art form that helps cultivate and maintain good, long-lasting partnerships.’

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