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The Fundamental Massage Methods

There are a number of easy massage techniques that you’ll read about in the following paragraphs. Your goal is to make her so pumped up that she has trouble controlling her excitement…

Which massage techniques are preferred by each lady varies. Her reply lets you know exactly what she thinks is the greatest part.

You’ll learn exactly which method to use on whatever portion of your body in part 3 of this series.

If she doesn’t like anything, she’ll let you know right away with words or gestures. As a result, don’t be scared to try new things and allow your imagination run wild.

There are a lot of tools here that need to be used simultaneously. Both of those things are not required, either. Combine two methods to get started.

How To Do A Full-Body Hair Massage

The more you massage her from head to toe, the more you’ll learn about her preferences. You may either concentrate on a certain portion of her body or select to scan the entire area.

There will be some more difficult areas to reach when massaging her.

These are buttons, if you’re wondering. Stress is a common trigger for them. Massage her for a few more minutes, and you’ll have a better opportunity of removing these knots. As a result, she experiences improved orgasms and a more calm state of mind.

I’m going to walk you through the entire process of massaging her, from top to bottom and front to back. This is the order in which you should perform the massage.

Head And Neck:

The stress in your neck and head is frequently unnoticed. It provides a calming effect if you massage it with your hands.

  • Massage her scalp with your fingertips.
  • Gently kissing or sucking on the earlobes
  • With your fingertips, push on the back of your head.
  • Anterior and Posterolateral Neck Draw Tiny Circles (Technique 2)
  • Make little, circular motions with your fingertips or thumbs on the tops of your head, cheekbones, and chin.
  • The shoulders and back are a little lower on the body.

Back & Shoulders

  • Her shoulders are frequently tense.
  • In order to calm her entire body, you must massage this area thoroughly.
  • Because it might be sensitive, avoid massaging too vigorously.
  • Knead her muscles on her shoulders. When working on your shoulders (technique 5), be careful to focus your pressure on your muscles, not your bones.
  • Massage the spine in both directions with your fingertips.
  • Fingers slowly stroking the back of your hand (Tap 9)
  • Knead her torso on both sides, starting from her waist.
  • It’s all over for the back and shoulders. Continue rubbing her arms and hands from this point forth.

Hands And Arms

The areas of your body that you utilise the most are your arms and hands. Because of this, it’s excellent for her to take a break from using them and allow them to be pampered for a while.

  • Use your thumbs instead of your forearms (Technique 7)
  • Elbow: Take your time and avoid putting any pressure on this area.
  • Knead hair and tap hands (Technique 13) on upper arm
  • Suck or pull on your fingers.
  • Using your thumbs in this position is ideal.
  • When we get to the place where ‘the butt guys’ like to hang around, we’ll gently stroke her hand back and forth.

Her Thighs, Buttock, And The Back Of Her Leg

  • She’ll enjoy it if you give her a massage just here. Massage with moderate force is possible due to the large number of muscles in this area. Press with varying levels of power.
  • You should sometimes massage her shoulders and back as well. As a result, her entire body will be bathed in sensual energy.
  • Kneading is an option for the buttocks. Using your elbows and forearms may be a lot of fun, as well.
  • Light, flowing motions felt particularly good on her buttocks.
  • Using your hands or forearms, press down on your thighs
  • Caress your knees with a gentle touch. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself here.
  • Vibrating motions may be applied to the calf area, so apply a bit extra pressure here. Now that you have her complete back, you may roll her over. (Technique 6) You may begin by looking at her chest.

The Chest, Stomach, And Breasts

  • Many erogenous areas may be found on a woman’s front. Because of this, give her additional time to unwind.
  • Ask her to take a deep breath in and out through her nose if this makes her uncomfortable. Relaxing, in fact.
  • The chest moves with easeĀ 
  • It’s best to use your fingers, lips, and tongue when it comes to nipples.
  • Flowing movement of the breasts. Gently knead them with both hands, as well.

Wrist: a fluid motion using both hands.

While you’re massaging her, here’s a helpful tip: Tell her how much you love stroking her breasts and how gorgeous they are. As a result, she relaxes and enjoys it more.

You then begin at her feet, ignoring her genital area.

Her Thighs And Feet.

  • To massage her in this way is both soothing and exhilarating. Her legs, especially the insides, are extremely sensual and cause her to have sexual feelings.
  • Toes: Gently tug on each toe with your fingertips while you massage the space between them.
  • Gently press with your thumbs on the bottom of the page.
  • Using your thumbs, draw circles on the sole of your foot


Knead the muscles in your thighs thoroughly.

  • The inner thigh: Caress it gently.
  • Make circles with your hands around your kneecap.
  • What does Shin tell you to do?
  • The big muscles at the rear of the calf should be kneaded.

Foot: Fingernails Circles

  • After the massage, how do you offer her a fantastic orgasm?
  • It appears that you’ve now massaged her whole body.

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