Tantric Massage

Preparation For A Tantric Massage.

Preparation For A Tantric Massage are: Using sexual energy to create a higher state of awareness is the goal of a tantric massage. For those who have studied tantra massage, or those who are skilled therapists or lovers, particular sensuous touches such as delicately stroking fingertips along the entire body activate a latent energy field within the body. An euphoric experience and the release of bodily and mental agony are said to occur when this energy field is awakened. Consider hiring a professional tantra therapist to educate you and your spouse how to do tantra massage correctly so that you may get the full benefits of this ancient healing technique.

Spend a few minutes before the massage begins making sure the surroundings are favourable to a good night’s sleep. Things to bear in mind include:


For tantric massage to work, both Deen and Constance agree that a serene and serene environment is essential.

As crucial as the massage itself, Deen advises that you organise your surroundings well. Consider the room’s temperature, appearance, sound, and feel.

Just As Crucial As The Massage Itself Is The Environment In Which You Get It.

Constance Agrees With The Importance Of Using All Of One’s Senses.

When it comes to massages, she says, “the more sacred the environment, the more lovely the treatment will be.” What we see, smell, taste, and hear around us during the massage has a direct influence on our experience of Tantra, which teaches us to access sex and life via all of our senses.’

When delivering a massage on your bed, put on new bedding, turn down the lights, put candles in the room, and play lovely music. You can also put pure essential oils on the bed or use a diffuser to fill the room with a wonderful smell.


According To Constance, Oil Is A Need When It Comes To Tantric Massage.

A gorgeous oil is vital to making this encounter really sensuous, she explains. No tantric massage should be attempted without the use of oil.’ Olive oil is a favourite of mine, whereas coconut oil is preferred by others. Any plant-based oil that is 100% natural is OK.’


Tantra massage, like all other aspects of the practise, must be taken at a leisurely pace.

You must take the time to enjoy your partner’s enjoyment, advises Deen. Take a moment to turn off your cell phone and email alerts. Don’t be bothered by the presence or loudness of your neighbours if you share a home. It’s critical that your surroundings allow you to relax fully. Nothing kills a good atmosphere like rushing.’


As a last step, make sure you are in the correct state of mind, soul, and body.

To provide this style of massage, you must be in the appropriate mental condition, says Deen. As a way to minimise the transference of undesirable energy, it’s important to clear your mind and focus on your breathing, and encourage your partner to do the same,’ advises the author.

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