Tantric Massage

A Tantric Massage Is Explained Here

It’s Time To Get Down To The Business Of Tantric Massage. 

Constance emphasises the importance of letting go and totally immersing oneself in the moment.

When delivering a massage, it’s natural to question, “Am I doing this right? Her voice trembles with nervousness. ‘Relax! The most essential thing you can do while giving a massage is to relax and appreciate the body that you are massaging, and that is something I cannot stress enough.’

A Person’s Back

Starting From The Rear Of Their Body, Constance Advises.

As the recipient lies face down on the bed, the therapist spends anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes massaging the back of their body, using a lot of oil. “Massage the back of a person!” Become more self-confident, empathic, and able to give freely by cultivating these qualities.Practice paying attention to how your hands and fingers react to various sorts of touch and stresses. There are many ways to appreciate a person’s touch, and their preferences will alter as their sexual energy levels rise and fall. You, the donor, are responsible for becoming an expert in the recipient’s body.

Observe how the body beneath your hands and fingers responds to different sorts of touch and forces.

The Front Portion Of The Body

Constance explains that the second part of the massage involves travelling to the front of the body. This is a good moment to encourage the recipient to roll over and spend some time massaging the entire front of their body,’ advises the author. Gently brush over the lingam [penis] or yoni (vulva and vagina) as you attend to the rest of the body, but don’t go overboard.

Make sure you massage every region of your body save your breasts and tummy; this includes your legs. We all have tender, sensitive places in our bodies that may benefit greatly from being massaged lovingly and gently.

Yoni Massage With A Lingam

At least 20 minutes should be spent stroking the front of your partner’s body before going onto the lingam or yoni massage, according to Constance’s advice.

Lingam and Yoni massages don’t have any pre-determined outcomes, she says, and it’s vital to make that apparent. ‘Remember that this massage is a break from what you’re used to?’ Allowing the recipient to experience sensation and pleasure in a whole new way is the goal. Slowing things down is in the best interest of the provider, as we’ve been trained to respond in an extremely limited, goal-oriented manner. Notice how it grows and keep it under control by allowing the energy to mature. Because of this, tantric massage is an art form that requires practise and patience.’

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